To company executive


Assignment of foreign talents
to be No .1 in Japan inbound travel strives such
as receive customers, translate,
sales and other service industries

Service Profile

The company carries out specific business activities for excellent foreigners in Japan to make them use of their skills, mainly to dispatch and introduce talents to Japanese enterprises.

What WBH can do is




Recruit excellent talents through a separate information network.
Recruit talents through WBH's new market alone. A special coordinator will interview candidates and screen talents in a face-to-face or online way. It goes without saying that the candidate's experience and skills are self-evident, and we will also choose the right person based on enthusiasm for the business and enthusiasm for the challenge.




Quick and flexible response
Use social media SNS to communicate with dispatched members for business.Even urgent personnel changes can be responded to in a timely manner.




Multicultural global talent development
The cultivation of global talents is not only earning of business etiquette, but also the implementation of Japanese lectures and Japanese culture/history training. In order to cultivate talents who can work in the enterprise, the guidance of team coordination will also be implemented. Especially with regard to some knowledge and skills in business, the company has also developed a lecture guidance system for lecturers of the Japan Business Competency Accreditation Association [JBAA]. In addition, excellent foreign talents will be sent to enterprises through the joint combination of the business promotion and cooperation of Japanese-speaking schools and universities.




Many people registered
Currently, the number of foreigners living in Japan is over 2.9 million, and the number is increasing year by year.
We have set a goal of 1 million registrants, and we will try to operate the business so that even one person or one company can contribute.




WBH unique overseas background
The fact that the members of the company have rich overseas experience can be said to be a major feature of the company. Mr. Li, the chairman, was born in China. Taking the opportunity of college to study in Japan, he came to Japan and influenced the career he is now founded. It is precisely because WBH members have overseas study or overseas work experience that they fully understand the mood and goals of each dispatched member, which is an opportunity for both enterprises to increase friendly meetings.




Implement compliance adopted by foreigners
When employing foreigners, the most important thing is the management of "retention eligibility" and "retention period". The company is very thorough about the adoption of compliance management. According to the "Exit Management and Refugee Recognition (Entration Law), only foreigners who may take office are dispatched and introduced.

Outstanding achievement

For those prepared for inbound tourism Support the shortage of dispatched personnel to practitioners at Narita International Airport DUTY FREE SHOP



The results of the dispatch of translators for the 2021 Tokyo Olympic Games
The talent introduction project of Relief printing plate Limited company. has won the first place among the 19 companies competing in data input operations of government administrative organs.


Common problems


TV coverage

Utilize the process

Hearing → Detecting matching degree → Screening and deciding employees → 
Starting dispatching → After-post service
Hearing → Detecting matching degree → Screening and deciding employees → 
Starting dispatching → After-post service

responding industry


Translator, salesperson
At the store site, positions such as (catch-up, sales, warehouse management, cashier) are dispatched and profiled, and all-round correspond.


Manufacturing, light employees
From development, manufacturing and after-sales service. From the stage of filing the personnel strategy case to the realization of the overall problem solving.


There are a variety of industries such as aviation association, education association, medical personnel, diet association, etc. If you are interested, please talk about it in detail.


The undertakings guarded and practiced by WBH Co., Ltd.
From the beginning of its business in 2019, the company's business philosophy is to continue to provide real value and contribute to society by sending excellent Japanese talents to enterprises. now on. Therefore, it is hoped that for understaffed enterprises, we can realize corporate social responsibility through the following correspondence.
To the customer
The company provides excellent foreign talents by obtaining the satisfaction and trust of guests. But not only will it end after sending talents, but also regularly educate foreign employees in Japanese business etiquette, and we will always strive to eliminate the differences between foreigners' talents and Japanese society. Moreover, the company strictly abides by the laws on personal privacy and the policies and norms stipulated by the state. Dissatisfaction with claims, consulting, opinions and other customer needs of professional activities are humble and listened to, and will be reflected in business improvement, business policies, etc.
For traders
When selecting traders, the company will consider price, performance, trust, etc. in a fair and comprehensive manner. In addition, the relevant laws will be followed during the transaction and the transaction will be conducted fairly.
For employees
It will be supported for the reassuring work of foreign workers, but it does not mean that the working environment of foreign workers in Japan has been completely renovated. For example, there are many foreign workers who do not understand the rules because of language and cultural differences, and think that visa application or social insurance application procedures are difficult. Therefore, WBH Co., Ltd. has set up an exclusive support window for foreigners to send employees.
Mental health care Consultation hotline
In order to completely eliminate all kinds of harassment such as sexual harassment and workplace bullying, WBH Co., Ltd. has set up the company's dedicated SNS "consultation hotline". Considering the privacy protection of the negotiator, you can consult anonymously. Based on the principle of not adversely affecting the negotiators, this hotline has also been improving the consultation mechanism.
For society
The company has always been aimed at eliminating the understaffing caused by the aging of Japanese young children, establishing friendly relations between Japan and overseas countries, and taking into account the interests of regional society. I have the awareness that I am a member of the regional society. In order to build good social relations and provide excellent foreign talents, especially for the regional activation of Chiba Prefecture, the company's entrepreneurial place.
Donations of medical supplies
In 2020, due to the novel coronavirus epidemic and the shortage of domestic medical supplies, WBH Co.Ltd. donated 4,000 masks and 120 hand washing gels containing 75% alcohol to Yachiyo City, Chiba Prefecture; 120 hand washing gels with 75% alcohol to the Chamber of Commerce and distributed them to medical machines. Structure, nursery.