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Our purpose is that [the world is a big family]. WBH Inc. was established with the aim of creating a peaceful, equal Japanese society where people can freely choose their work regardless of race, nationality, gender, or creed. a Japanese society in which everyone can freely choose an occupation, equality and peace regardless of race, nationality, gender and belief. At the same time, we also hope to eliminate the gap between 3 million foreigners and Japanese society through Japanese culture, business etiquette, lifestyle, Japanese and other learning methods.

Reasons for choosing WBH


Reassuring support system
There are support education systems such as business manner education, lifestyle education, manner education, Japanese education, consultation and tutoring, etc. to enable employees to work at ease.


Social insurance system
Health insurance, health pension, employment insurance and other insurances


Paid Time Away
If it lasts for six months from the beginning of work, you will be given paid leave according to the number of days worked.


Health check
Once a year, free health checks are carried out for employees who meet certain benchmarks.


Production, parenting support
Prenatal and postnatal rest system, parenting rest system


A full support system
Employment support system, qualification support system, skills upgrading support system


Outstanding achievement

Preparation for inbound travel.
Dispatch of DUTY FREE SHOP employees at Narita International Airport.



The results of the dispatch of translators for the 2021 Tokyo Olympic Games.
The talent introduction project of Relief printing plate Limited company. has won the first place among the 19 companies competing in data input operations of government administrative organs.


Common problems

What's the difference between sending members and regular members? What are the benefits?
The salary payment of dispatched members and the addition of social insurance are not carried out by the inauguring company, but by the dispatching company. Therefore, please confirm the term of employment, work content, etc. before taking office and take office on the basis of consensus. Therefore, you can choose a job that matches your skills and experience.
What is the salary compared with regular members?
You can clearly get overtime pay, and the hourly salary will also be high. The monthly salary will not change compared with regular members. Even with the decrease of members drinking and dinner, the actual income may increase.
Is there no problem with social welfare?
As soon as you hear about the dispatch, there are many people who will feel that social welfare is questionable. However, unlike regular members, dispatched members also have paid leave, and other social insurance remains unchanged, so please feel at ease even when you are sick or give birth.
Where is it better to contact when you feel difficult in employment?
When there is a dispute or difficulty at the job site, please contact the business responsibility or coordinator of the dispatching company whenever. In addition, in order for all members of WBH to work faster, an "employee talk room" for receiving mail has been set up, which can be used here when it is difficult to talk directly with business or coordinators.

Job Introduction Process

Come to the company to make an appointment---WBH login---Skills testing---Interview talk---Introduction of workCome to the company to make an appointment---WBH login---Skills testing---Interview talk---Introduction of work